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Mushroom time is coming!
Submitted By:  Matt Holder

The time is about here for one best fungus growing seasons. The Morel mushroom is one of my favorite times of the year. I enjoy these tasty items by frying them in peanut oil along with the following make a great way to eat Morels. First I halve up the  mushrooms which has cooled and soaked in water then I drain off water. Next I get three or four eggs and put them in a small bowl. While the oil is heating up I dip the shrooms in the egg then again in fish breading or plain flour. I rotate sides while using a frying pan to cook them (a deep fryer cooks a little too hot&fast for me) and  in when both sides are a light golden color they are ready to be devored. This is something for us to look ahead to. Good Luck in your shrooming!

Matt Holder


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