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Pulled Deer
Submitted By:  Gary McBride
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A Great Deer Recipe

by Gary McBride



            Just before deer season last month I decided to use up any deer left over from last year. It just so happened that I had a couple of the Catfish tenderloins and a regular tenderloin. Now I know this is some of the better cuts but you could use roast or stakes or just something you are wanting to use up.

            After thawing the deer I coated it liberally with some Fat Pat’s Rib Rub and Laurie’s Seasoned Salt. You might want to trim off any fat if there is any. I then put it on the grill for a short time just to brown the outside. After grilling, I brought it in and cut into 2 inch pieces and put it in a Crockpot. I added a cut up medium sized onion and then a can of Beef Broth. I set it on the slow setting and let it cook for several hours ( 5 or 6 ). I’d check on it form time to time and after several hours it was falling apart. I used a large fork and pulled it completely apart so it was stringy. Most of the Beef Broth either cooked away or was absorbed by the deer.

            At this point you can serve as is or in my case I added my favorite Bar-B-Queue sauce. If I don’t say so myself it was outstanding. Stacked high on a bun and served with a cold beverage, “It just doesn’t get any better than this”.

            Here is to good cooking and eating. I hope your freezer is full of this year’s deer.


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