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Mike’s Dove Kabobs
Submitted By:  Mike Whaley of Peculiar, MO

Shoot some doves; a limit is good (12) as this is what this recipe is based on, save breasts only, gives you 24 halves. Gets you out of the house and doing something you enjoy!

Presoak 10" bamboo skewers in water at least 30 minutes, more is better - one skewer per each 2-3 breast halves

Clean breasts, wash off blood, feathers, and check for shot and feathers in holes made by shot

Remove breast meat halves from breast bone, push a finger between the meat and bone to separate

Soak breast halves in enough milk to cover for four hours minimum, stainless, glass, plastic bowl

Discard milk, lay boneless halves out on a cookie sheet or pizza pan

Season both sides of halves with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt to taste, easy does it!

Precook a half pound of good bacon in the wave; 2/3 done, still real flexible

Wrap each breast half with a third of a slice of bacon, or whatever you think is right

Cut up a green, and either a red or yellow, bell pepper into 1 ˝"-2" square pieces

Use fresh pineapple if available, cut into 1 ˝"-2" chunks, canned is OK if no fresh available

Cut up half a sweet onion (Vidalia if available) into 1 ˝"-2" pieces, 2-3 layers thick

Open a small can of sliced water chestnuts, drain

Alternately thread onion, water chestnuts, pineapple, pepper, and dove breast halves wrapped in bacon (2-3 halves per skewer) onto bamboo skewers – leave 1-1 ˝" of skewer on each end empty, if using a gas grill wrap these ends tightly in aluminum foil to prevent burning

Grill kabobs over a hot charcoal fire. Watch closely and turn as needed to prevent burning. Medium fire if using a gas grill. KEEP AN EYE ON THESE THINGS, REGARDLESS!

When bacon is done generously brush kabobs with your choice of your favorite barbeque sauce or teriyaki sauce. Do some with each for variety. Make sure you do this last; sugar in the sauces will burn easily.

Serve immediately! Enjoy!

Grilled Dove Breast

Prepare dove breasts and bacon as in the first six items above

Wrap each breast half in a third of a slice of bacon, or whatever you think is right – put a sliver of bell pepper and a sliver of onion inside the bacon with the breast half – secure with toothpicks

Grill as noted above

When the bacon is done brush with your favorite BBQ sauce or teriyaki sauce

Serve immediately – Enjoy!

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