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Jeffrey is a tournament bass fisherman, outdoors enthusiast and writer that spends most all of his free time fishing Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas lakes.  He's been fishing since childhood and now has taken it to the professional level. Jeffrey is a published writer and active supporter of youth fishing programs in the Midwest.  Based in Kansas City, he fishes the local clubs, the Joe Bass Team Trail, American Bass Anglers, and the Bassmaster series.  Twenty five to thirty tournament appearances are scheduled each year.  A family man, Jeff's three sons are beginning to fish on the tournament trail also.

The 2009 season ended with qualifying for the national championship with the American Bass Anglers. Ending the year on a high note has set the foundation for the 2010 season. Division Angler of the Year and qualifying for nationals with the ABA and BASS are the goals for 2010.

His family supports his efforts in many ways. The oldest son, Patrick, is a soldier stationed now at Ft. Leavenworth,KS. Four tours of Iraq in the past six years have hampered his involvement. Now that he's home, the team has been assembled.
Check us out at www.menofbass.com.  We can have all the sponsors in the world but the most important ones are family.

Not to take away from sponsorship, it is critical. With that in mind, Jeffrey continues a great relationship with two sponsors again this season. Check out their services at www.textmovers.com, free text alerts for your mobile lifestyle.  Video production services for events, business, etc. provided by Video for Keeps. Check them out
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See you on the trail !


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