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Joel Hartman
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My name is Joel Hartman.  I am a avid FLW angler and supporter.  I have fished professionaly for ten years and have been supporting sponsors during that time.  I am curremtly working with eight sponsors and am President of J&R Marketing. (www.Midwestanglersresource.com)   I am also Director of Marketing for www.Profishingresearch.com  and Vice President of Marketing for Tightlines Lures.  I enjoy working with the youth of our sport and supporting them.  724/Outdoors is a great venue for all anglers to obtain information.  I am please to be a part of this organization.  I am open to any and all questions and am always willing to help.  Please email me with your questions.  God Bless.......See you on the trail in 2010

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