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Jack Watkins
Area of Expertise: Fishing
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   I will continue to report on both circuit and open events in Southern Illinois and across Missouri.  I plan on participating with the Terre Du Lac Bass Club as well as with Illinois Midstate Bass Anglers. I will be fishing with Jerry Rapp in the Ultimate Bass Fishing Challenge Clearwater Division. In addition I will be with Bill Dearworth of Troy, IL fishing the USA Bassin Coffeen Fall and Winter Division . You might also see me pop up here and there in a few open tournaments in both Illinois and Missouri.  
   I continue to be fortunate enough to bring new sponsors to the local fishing arena such as
, Swansea, IL and Flying Fisherman Sunglasses and Sports Apparel of Islamorada, FL (flyingfishermen.com). I am in charge of The Fishing Hole's inventory and ordering so if you are in need of something special gives us a call or visit the shop or website at http://thefishingholeswansea.com/   I am also representing well known names such as Falcon Rods, Scenic River Boats and Motors of Bonne Terre, MO, Falcon Rods, E-Factor Lures, and Charger Bass Boats
   Since 2009 I am proud to be a member of Eiron Breaker Lure Company (
http://www.eironjig.com/) Pro Staff and will be representing and supporting their fine products as well  as Vicious Fishing Lines (www.vicious-fishing.com) and a brand new culling system called Accu-Cull (http://www.accucull.com/).
    I will be maintaining and regularly updating a fishing journal here at 7/24 Outdoors.com as well as contributing to both the Hunting Scene and Fishing Scene.

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