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A native to Missouri, born and still reside in St. Charles.  Saw my early years of hunting near what now is Mark Twain Lake.  Spent 4 years hunting North West Missouri while attending Northwest Missouri University (were I started my college career wanting to be a Conservation Agent - Graduated with a double degree in Business Management and Marketing - realized it was hard to live on the salary a Conservation Agent made).  First introduced to Pheasant hunting in 1991 in Nodaway County, Missouri.  120 acre track and I am not lying when I say at least 150 hunters!  It was unbelievable to see that many hunters.

As any youngster I started my hunting career out on the usual squirrel, rabbit, and occasionally a quail or two.  My dad borrowed a buddies 410 and on my 7th birthday he bought me my first shotgun, 20 gage Henderson and Richardson break over single shot.  Many of stories with that gun! 

For most of my younger years I had excess to over 500 acres for my personal hunting entertainment.  In the 80's I was introduced to Duck Hunting in the Alton Pool in West Alton, Missouri.  Spent many of years afterwards hunting the river, mainly north of Clarksville, above the dam on the Illinois side.  In 1993 I met the owner of Beaver Duck Lake and began a few hunts with her son and experienced a couple bow and riffle hunts as well.  In 1995 she asked me to help aid her in the care of the club as her father was ill and could not aid in the up keep.  Since then I have left the river and mainly hunt duck lakes.  I do enjoy going back to the river and had that opportunity to go back in October of 2006 to hunt the Salt River.

Over the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to hunt several different states for white tails, turkey, mule deer, pheasant, ducks, geese, and other game.  My wife actually allows me up to 4 big trips a year.  Believe it or not she actually chose to decorate our living room in duck decor'.  Her favorite saying from September 1st. to March 1st. "We Interrupt this Marriage  _ _ _ _ _ _ ", she adds in what ever season it is!  In 2008 she is excited that I will be taking my hunting to the next level and sharing my personal experiences with fellow guides to bring the opportunities the Midwest has to offer to others. (www.midwesthuntingadventures.com

Currently I feed my family by aiding commercial clients secure their insurance needs.  In the recent years I have brought the insurance side into the hunting and fishing side by combining my insurance incentive programs to many of hunting trips, fishing tournaments, down to the family outings.  I have issued over $40,000 in cash prizes in the past 4 years to lucky winners.  A great way to spice up and draw attention to any outdoor event.  As well as protecting planned events with insurance that transfers financial burden if the event can not go on.  We have also secured some great programs for hunt clubs, sporting clubs, shooting clubs, and recreational clubs and events.

I feel there is a hunting experience that all can afford.  For the past 10 years I have researched hunt clubs, private land owners, and resources that allow hunters the ability to afford a great hunt (what ever price range and from what ever accommodations).  In addition to linking hunters to my resources I am developing the ability to introduce the youngsters of today, (which will be the hunters of tomorrow), with the ability to excess the opportunity to experience the hunting past time.  This has been a rewarding avenue, watching a kid that has the interest in hunting, experience their first successful harvest is PRICELESS!  I look forward to growing this and teaming up with several other states along with other guides, hunt clubs, government agencies, and private land owners.

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