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Rob Smegner
Area of Expertise: Fishing
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Rob Smegner lives in Wentzville Missouri and fishes all of the major Missouri Reservoirs and Mississippi River, focusing tournament efforts on Lake of the Ozarks, Truman and Mark Twain. Rob has fished the Bass World Sports circuit since 1992, and especially enjoys night tournaments at Lake of the Ozarks. Rob also fishes the Heartland Pro-Am circuit, Anglers in Action, Busch Bass Anglers club, St Charles Hawg Hawlers, as well as many annual benefit events.

When not competing on the water, Rob finds himself working on old fishing reels and thinking of ways to improve his efficiency. Rob is sponsored by: Eberlins Boats & Motors, Champion Boats, Gene Larew plastics, and Performance Propellers in St Charles Missouri. 

Personal Note from Rob Smegner:
"Working as a pro-staff member for MAO is a very gratifying experience. I frequently get an opportunity to speak with fisherman from all over the Midwest. MAO's website is an excellent resource for up-to-date fishing information, as well as historical data that can prove extremely valuable for locating fish from one season to the next. I frequently refer to the MAO archives when planning for an event, without it I would be wasting valuable time in search for a repeatable pattern."


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