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Fishing report
Kinkaid Lake (3/26/2017)
Submitted by: Cliff Pass
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Water Level Normal
Water Temperature 51 degrees in the morning - 55 in the afternoon
Water Color Clear in the main lake. Dingy up towards the no wake zone which is muddy as is the back of Levan Bay.
Water Conditions  
Air Temperature 50 degrees in the morning; 64 degrees in the afternoon.
Wind Condition Ten to 15 miles an hour.
The bite is turning on at Kincaid, but being this was my first trip of the year; I'm sure they've been biting for awhile. Just about anything will work, as I had fish on crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and tubes. As always this time of year, hard objects (wood & rock) were holding the most fish. But don't discount the grass, swimming a weedless grub or swimbait through the grass should be working well too. They are about the only baits that are effective around the algae laden weeds. On the day, I had 13 bass including 4 over the 16 inch limit which wasn't bad as I had a late start and left early. Good fishin. C. W. Pass
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