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Guntersville (4/1/2017)

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Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/1/17

With the fish basically moving-in in waves for the spawn fishing has gotten easier and add to that shallow water of less than 10 ft. and you are fishing most fisherman’s comfort zone.  There is no doubt that most novice fisherman catch more fish in shallow water than deep.

With the spawn upon us for the next few weeks soft plastics like Missile bait D-Bombs D-Stroyers and more are the baits of choice. Their enticing easy to feel and Texas rigged can be worked easily through the grassy areas and the beds. We rigged are Missile baits several different ways, their “48” stick bait we rigged weight less or on Punisher Shakey heads and also  dragged some of Missile bait creature baits with heavier rigs. As a change-up we are also fishing Tight-Line swim jigs and moving them slowly over beds causing some really good strikes over the beds.

Fishing is really fun now, it’s easy and most any level fisherman can have fun for the next month on the water. Come fish with me no one will treat you better or work harder to see you have a great day on the water. With spring breaks and many fisherman on the water having experienced guides are a must. We are experienced on the water daily and can meet just about any request with my team of guides.

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Capt. Mike Gerry

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